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Well, we’re about out of time, so you get to pick, Sable, between bachelors number 1 and 2.

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You ask our bachelors some questions, listen to their answers, and then, based on their responses, you pick one of our WWE superstars for a dream date to…..

Bachelor number one, if we go out, what will you do to make it a special night for us? Stone Cold: What will I do to make it a special night?

Sable: Bachelor number 3, how would you show a girl a good time?

From the movies (Charlies Angels, The Hulk) to TV (That 70’s Show) to music (who hasn’t done a remake of a 70’s hit) – it’s as if all old is new again.

Always willing to cash in on any trend, what if the powers that be in the WWE decided to remake a staple of 70’s television for their WWE Superstars. We all know that the host of this gig should be me, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. But the people in charge wanted someone else to be the host.

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