Who is lisa hartman dating

She, therefore, honed her skills at the Houston High School of the Performing Arts and also took part in several productions put up by the local theatre.On obtaining her high school diploma, Hartman pursued her career in earnest; becoming the front-woman of a local rock band known as Lisa Hartman and Four Grand.Lisa moved to LA when she was just 19 after securing herself a contract with Don Kirschner's record label. Within the same year as her recording debut she won the lead role in the ABC sitcom "Tabitha", a spin off of the long running "Bewitched." She also took various roles in film.Lisa's desire to be a successful recording star was still very strong and she released a one off single "Nobody Likes Lovin More Than I Do" in 1978 followed by the album "Hold On" in 1979.

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Find out more about Hartman here including information about her bio, age, family as well as other interesting nuggets about her.Most people know Lisa Hartman as the wife of legendary country singer, Clint Black.Many people also know that the pair are one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood, having been married for over 25 years.Her father is a musician while her mom worked in Hollywood as a PR agent.The media personality also has an elder sister named Terri.

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