Who is lady gaga dating 2016

Lady Gaga met entrepreneur Speedy Gonzales in 2009 on the set of her video “Love Game.” Speedy is extremely private, making it extremely difficult to secure images of him.He covered his head with a suitcase when spotted near a nightclub with Lady Gaga.Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper narrative still remains a rumor In conclusion, there’s still no concrete evidence if Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are indeed sharing a far deeper connection.Of course, the possibility is still there since no one really knows how things like this pan out.

But no, the 30-year-old pop queen has found her happily-ever-after, in a handsome, albeit “closet” weirdo.The superstar was spotted locking lips with audio engineer Daniel Horton in L.A., according to very unsubtle photos published by .Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper break up with their partners But the rumors soared to new heights when Lady Gaga broke up with her then-fiancé Christian Carino.Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper also called it quits with Russian model Irina Shayk after dating for four years.

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