Who is kim richards dating

From 1970-71, she starred as Prudence Everett in the television series Nanny and the Professor.

She also starred in several Disney films, including Escape to Witch Mountain, No Deposit, No Return, and Return from Witch Mountain.

She made a cameo appearance in Race to Witch Mountain (2009), playing a waitress named "Tina", a minor variation from the character "Tia" she played in the franchise's 19 films.

“We just managed to keep it kind of private,” Kim explained.Kim Richards and her boyfriend Wynn Katz filmed a new season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" months ago and tonight, fans will watch as the couple exposes their deep-rooted issues as they attempt to get their relationship to a better place. In addition to their dispute over Richards' looks, the couple is also at odds about their future.In a sneak peek at tonight's premiere episode of the WEtv series, things quickly become uncomfortable for the on-again, off-again couple after their hardships are revealed to their co-stars. However, according to Katz, Richards is not on board with being a hot babe and he feels she's simply "not sexy enough" for him. As for Kim Richards, she doesn't feel the need to look sexy and instead prefers to be "classy." "You want a wh***? As Katz explains, the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star wants to be in a serious relationship that could ultimately lead to marriage. “I guess we just kind of do our own thing," Richards recently said, adding, "We just managed to keep it kind of private." However, a report from Radar Online claimed earlier this month that a couple of sources close to Richards have confirmed that she and Wynn Katz haven't actually been dating for six years as she claimed. “When I kiss you — really kiss you and touch you — I don’t feel any reaction back.” “What does that mean for the future of your relationship? “You can’t really have a relationship, so that’s probably where we stand right now,” Kim said. “I really feel, you’re not attracted to me,” he told her.

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