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Robin instead liked to come into the studio with ideas and use the sessions themselves to work out the songs.

Maurice liked a hands-on approach and where he had a voice in production he either appears prominently on the finished tracks or worked out arrangements with a few session players during recording.

And E S P was successful, not in the United States where anti-disco prejudice still ruled, but in Britain and Europe.

In the second half of 1987 they worked on a few songs with Andy, and they may have started writing songs for the next Bee Gees album.

The filings included cassette recordings of the songs.

While ‘demos’ could have been used for the filings, waiting for the finished recordings would ensure that the final version of the song would be protected including any last-minute changes like the edits and ad lib vocals.

It has the final vocals but still has the original instrumental tracks.

In the final stage, session musicians replaced most of the instrumental parts and the brothers dubbed additional vocals.

Barry takes lead vocal backed mainly by a rhythm track by Maurice and Rhett Lawrence (from Runaway) and synthesizer work by Robbie Kondor.

The second stage appears to have been recording the main vocal tracks, and where this was done is unknown.

The ‘demo’ of ‘E S P’ on the box set Tales from the Brothers Gibb is at this second stage.

The ‘drumming’ was electronic sequencers programmed by Barry and Maurice and their engineer Scott Glasel.

The Gibb instrumental tracks were done from October 1986 into 1987.

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