Vampire knight dating quizzes

The main characters, Zero and Yuki, both have very sad pasts; Zero had his family killed by a vampire, and Yuki's first memory was a vampire attacking her.These pasts, which are revealed fairly early in the series, make a good base for their relationship and their emotional struggles.

Keywords for VK are drama, emotional struggles and tragic pasts.

A little mystery is good, but too much "she's so precious to me but I won't say why" gets boring and annoying.

The "villain" only appeared at the very, very end, and I found their behavior inconsistent and what happened to them way too abrupt and anticlimactic. I might've adored this show, if Yuki hadn't been such a weakling.

Sure, she was very generous with Zero, but I hate shoujo heroines who only stand out because they're SO good at being martyrs.

As for the other characters, they weren't much better. Kaname constantly rescued Yuki, yet never explained her importance to him.

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