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This is working fine when i move out from that textbox to other buttons/textboxes.But when i enter improper value and close the form (with the close button on right top corner), it validates the textbox contents and throws up the messagebox and form doesnot close as i am cacelling the event. To use validating handlers such as the 'txt IPAddress_Validating()' handler below while being able to close the form without having to enter valid entries to do so, I do the following: 1) Initate validating handlers: From the control properties of the control you wish to activate validation for, double click the 'Validating' event from this control event list.Any attempt to do so through a Form Closing handler will not work because it is then too late once execution reaches such handler.However, the click of the "X" button can be captured promptly via overriding the Wnd Proc() method and testing for a 'm. When that condition is true, the previously introduced 'Auto Validate = Auto Validate. Error Text = "" End If End Sub I came here in search of a simple method to cause a form to close when a Validating event handler raises an exception, reports it, and needs to force the form to close.However, clicking the upper right "X" button of the form's window will still force validation.3) Make the upper right "X" button also cancel validation: The challenge here is to trap such "X" clicked event before validation is executed.These two ways are: These two ways of closing the window started to also cancel validation once you introduced the "X" button capture mechanism described in point 3 above. Check which button has focus in the validation check. If cancel button (and in my case a clear button), override.

Here again, you should be able to copy and paste that method as is in your own form's class. Further considerations: It is good to notice that the following two other ways to close the window should also work fine at this point. My code sample below: public partial class frm My IP : Form { public frm My IP() // To capture the Upper right "X" click protected override void Wnd Proc(ref Message m) // To capture the "Esc" key protected override bool Process Dialog Key(Keys key Data) public bool Is Valid IP(string ipaddr) private void txt IPAddress_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void cmb Mask Bits_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) private void btn Cancel_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Since the close event of the form is triggering validation and since that would (typically at least) be the only form event that would trigger validation we can make the assumption that any form event triggering validation is the close event. This is an inner method I call from my cell validating event handler. (Just realized it was a C# question, but you can translate) Private Sub validate Cell(By Val tag Desc As String, By Val user Input As String, By Val legal Regex As String, By Val regex Desc As String, By Val e As Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Dim match As Match = Regex. You should be able to copy and paste that method as is in your form's class. Cancel = True Msg Box(tag Desc & " must match pattern: " & regex Desc, Msg Box Style. Conversely, a normal Close event receives a Form Closing Event Args. Since the Close method on a form takes no arguments, there is no direct way to force the issue, giving rise to the need for a hack.At this point, both the 'Cancel' an "X" buttons should cancel valdations. This article discusses a number of such hacks, but I think mine is much simpler to implement.

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