Validating a dance specific screening test for balance bad online dating reputation

The visuomotor reaction time on a behavioural level considers the time needed from start to end-point of the VMT.In detail, this pathway includes visual perception, visual processing, visuomotor transformation and motor execution time [].Balance and equilibrium are very similar concepts but slightly different from a mechanical point of view.Both refer to an absolute state, whereas stability is a relative quantity.Balance tests are commonly used in clinical practice with applicability in injury prevention and return to sport decisions.While most sports injuries occur in a changing environment where reacting to a non-planned stimulus is of great importance, these balance tests only evaluate pre-planned movements without taking these dynamics environmental aspects into account.

This paper argues that it is an asset, the arguments for its being a liability often confounded by inadequate scoring systems inappropriately applied.

star excursion balance test, Y-balance test) or by counting balance errors when performing a balance test (e.g. Both reach distance and balance errors have been proven to be reliable and valid outcome measures [].

Current balance tests aim to measure pre-planned motor responses and focus on the neuromuscular system which uses information from the somatosensory and vestibular system (e.g. However, this neglects the importance of balance in its relevant context of sports performance or injury prevention.

It is often associated or misinterpreted with concepts like stability, equilibrium or postural control [].

From this definition balance can be seen as the result of multiple components that interact non-linearly to achieve a mutual goal.

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