Using pua techniques online dating

With NLP, they believe they can “re-code” their romantic target to change her behaviour and trigger a woman’s “hard-wired attraction switches”. At best it is false advertising and at worst the techniques can be harmful.

Some people call it seduction hypnosis, as they believe you can tap into somebody’s subconscious and make them want to bang you. Swami tells uk: Lots of men using these techniques believe they are exploiting a loophole in female psychology.

Flash bulbs explode and while your chest heaves for air, you smile in the comfort of knowing you succeeded and came first.

The result of visualising both of these concepts is a powerful one - your mind and body become more prepared and more capable because you've already practised and gone through the motions of what is to come.

Your attitude is more positive and productive and you gain the edge you need to truly succeed.

Visualization can be used in a variety of fields to help you succeed, even in attracting and seducing women.

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