Updating vista home

It will first ask you if you want to go online to get the latest updates.

I recommend you do it; it could save you some time later.

updating vista home-79

If you find that you would rather have the Windows 7 Pro, you can use the Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade to the W7 Pro version from W7 Home Premium.

The Notebook has performed flawlessly for a year now.

I also updated all my Vista Notebooks and Desktop the same way.

I've got probably at least five clients all suffering with Windows 7 update issues right now. These are all 64bit PCs with at least 6Gbs of RAM, and a dual quad core processor. It is nice to be able to get rid of an OS that is DOA but sometimes life support is possible.

I went through this with VISTA at a time that I did not want to deal with computer problems let alone spend money and time installing from scratch.

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