Updating a ranch home

When you hear the word “Ranch” it’s common to think of a salad dressing or a farm full of roaming cows and cowboys.However even though we’re discussing the ranch house style, all three evoke feelings of home and familiarity.While you probably won’t be shoeing horses or branding cattle on it, it’s a great option for families with children.There is lots of space for biking, chalk drawing and someday, multiple car parking.This creates a rather protected backyard area for hosting and relaxing.You’ll definitely want to hire a landscape designer for this area because it will be the view out of many windows.Since the original ranches were modeled after Spanish styled houses, the ranches of the west will probably be covered in stucco.Being a natural material, it shouldn’t be expensive to maintain and it will give the exterior of your home a calm look.

When the landscape around you is so beautiful, it’s impossible to cover up the view with wall space.Of course like many other homes, ranches are rarely just one material.Usually you’ll find two or more kinds on the exterior of a ranch.Brick is always popular and if you’re lucky, it might already be painted. For a more modern look with the same rustic charm, consider using concrete on your ranch’s exterior rather than brick.Paired with wood, it makes a nice contrast with the duel tones and it will stay in style for a long long time.

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