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camouflage combat uniform; it is a service-distinctive uniform as it is primarily used by the United States Air Force, its civilian auxiliary, and some civilian employees of the U. The early uniform prototypes consisted of trousers, an embroidered undershirt, and a blouse.

It replaced the Battle Dress Uniform and Desert Camouflage Uniform on 1 November 2011 after a four-year phase-in period. All airmen will be permitted to wear the OCP Uniform beginning on 1 October 2018, and the wear out date for the ABU is 1 April 2021.

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On 2 October 2007, the Air Force began issuing the ABU to enlisted trainees in Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, was issued to the Class of 2012 at the United States Air Force Academy on 26 June 2008, and was made available for all airmen.It is intended to greatly increase user comfort through the use of lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics.The ABS features the same tiger stripe pattern on the sleeves.Everyone will also be able to buy a leather bomber jacket as an outerwear option. The prototype camouflage pattern was a blue/gray, tiger stripe pattern, based upon the tiger-stripe uniforms worn by airmen during the Vietnam War.

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