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The former supermodel returned to the cover of the magazine in 2019; 23 years after the groundbreaking feat.

An entrepreneur, who managed to build an empire outside the runaway, Tyra is a role model for the woman all around the world. Her name got linked to various influential people in Hollywood.

In the list of Tyra’s failed relationships, a prominent name remain at the top, i.e., basketball player Chris Webber. Tyra’s life long desire of having children of her own met with a roadblock when she dealt with fertility issues.

At the age of 40, she had taken part in the painful IVF process, but the failure became traumatizing for her.

Thus, she opted for another option of becoming a mother via surrogacy.

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Fans couldn’t help but wonder if the new parents would get married and become husband and wife.

You can do whatever the hell you want to do'." However the America's Got Talent host noted that men typically earn less than their female counterparts in the business.

As a result, Tyra admitted her son was unlikely to bring home the eye-watering amounts she was able to command as a model.

However, tha pair agreed on co-parenting their son and put aside all the differences between them.

Tyra seemed to move past her five-year-long failed romance onto another love affair.

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