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This rock was found at the bottom of a borehole in the village Sudureyri by Sugandafjordur fjord in West-Fjords part of Iceland.

Even the oldest rock in Iceland is about 16, 5 million years old there is very little part of Iceland 15 million years old and older.

Due to the fact that the ocean floor is constantly changing at the Atlantic ridge the distance between New York and Paris gets about 3 cm longer every year.

The hot spot under Iceland is the largest and most powerful hot spot on earth.

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About 55 million years ago When Greenland did finally drift away from the hot spot under Iceland massive volcanic activity did take place.

An extended discussion on Iceland's history and prehistory until the present time.

The land's geological, historical, social and political background for a better understanding of today's reality.

30-40 million years ago There was land-bridge between Europe and America where Iceland is today.

It was possible to hike from Scotland to Greenland over the basalt lavas formed with endlessly eruption over the hot spot and where Iceland is now.

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