Steps for updating system with update ux

Keeping the firmware up-to-date can help in attaining the maximum reliability and functionality from your systems.

Firmware releases enable new function and might also contain fixes or enhancements.

Firmware service packs provide fixes and enhancements within a specific release.

This tutorial provides the following information: In the following sections, let’s go through in detail covering all the topics highlighted above.

Note: Place the DVD in the HMC’s DVD drive (and not in the system’s DVD drive).

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It is required to periodically update the firmware on the Power Systems server.

As per the example shown in Figure 3.0, the machine type and model used is: 8203-E4A.

Select the appropriate machine type of your choice and continue.

This displays the LIC level that is activated and loaded into memory (for example, from a level 5 to level 7). Generally, this is the level of code on the permanent side (p-side).

This displays the latest or highest LIC level that contains unactivated deferred updates. A deferred update requires a system restart to activate.

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