Sex chat online with avitar

Especially if you add animations, and items into the mix.

It already feels sensual enough with a headset on, but add a candle lit room and full-body-tracking and it might just tie you over until we get full drop virtual reality.

Sex chat online with avitar-78

Most people just cover it up, and use triggers to remove their clothes.What do you think of an adult oriented virtual reality chat, or the fact that there is adult stuff lurking behind closed doors in VRChat?I personally have no problem with it, as long as it is kept in private rooms, and away from unsuspecting innocent bystanders.I've been coloring over the names to protect them from getting banned.I have nothing against this sort of thing, although they should keep it in private rooms, because I know that people under 18 play this game. One thing to keep in mind about a sexual VR game, is that people might lie about their age, gender, etc.

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