Sedating kids for dental procedures

Moreover, some children need to have a lot of dental work completed on multiple teeth.

Thus, it is often best to put the child completely to sleep using general Anesthesia in order to finish all of the treatment in one, stress-free visit.

Patients looking to put their children to sleep during their dental treatment often choose to go to Children’s Dental Fun Zone.

Within our multiple locations in Southern California, including West Covina, Fontana, Reseda, Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, and Montebello, we specialize Sedation Dentistry or putting your child completely to sleep while having dental treatment done, a potential option.

The NBC News program, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, recently broadcast a report about healthy children and teens who visited the dentist and died or suffered serious brain damage as a result of sedation gone bad.

A string of similar stories has likewise surfaced with increasing frequency in other news outlets.

So, I am unable to comment if the dental teams that administered sedation to the affected children were properly trained and followed all standard-of-care safety protocols.

Only the regulatory agencies and courts can determine negligence.

The sounds they hear from the dental drill and the feeling of pressure that they feel, can make them go hysteric, even if they do not actually feel pain.

I don't have access to the medical records and dental board investigations for any of the cases reported sensationally in the media.

Sorry to say that often times these records are "sealed" by the regulatory agencies and courts.

Each child's tale is heartbreaking; an unspeakably tragic and devastating loss first and foremost for the loved ones and friends of the children, but also for the attending dentists and their team members, who likewise are scarred for life by the horrific experience.

Just imagine having a healthy young patient die while under your care?

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