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This arrangement may or may not tally with a 'de jure' custody.

A 'de jure' custody refers to the custodial arrangement that is approved according to the particular standards and systems of law.

De jure means decided by law, and de facto is decided by 'fact' or, 'real life'.

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De jure means 'in law' and de facto means 'in fact.' De jure discrimination means that a law, by the way its read, is discriminatory; de facto means that it looks fine, but it will probably lead to discriminatory practice.

A de jure ruler occupies the ruling office or position established by law; a de facto ruler is the one who actually wields the power.

De facto means: In fact (in Latin) it describes a practice which has no legal or official status.

A single-party political system may have two or more political parties that theoretically are allowed to name candidates for political office.

But that system is 'de facto' when only one party gets its candidates elected.

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