Resource in use updating firmware 4560

For example, when a distributed architecture fast moving mobile station (mobile station 160 in FIG.

1, such) may be better served by the same area of ​​the macro cell, the mobile station 160 may switch between a number of micro-cells ( frequent switching is generated).

In a distributed architecture, there is a risk: the mobile station 160 moves across the network has never been a single controller long enough period of time to cause the controller to recognize that a more power-efficient should be triggered state.

For example, if the mobile station 160 is switched in the middle of an ongoing uplink data transmission from one base station to another ー, the mobile station 160 is preferably immediately receive the appropriate allocation of resources in the target cell in the link up, even in a mobile station 160 uplink transmission buffer status report before the link to the target e Node Bll O.

resource in use updating firmware 4560-25

200780052719.8, entitled "approach to the mobile station history information in a wireless communication system and divisional device "patent filed.

[0009] Thus, an exemplary method includes: a first control node to the serving switching received in association transaction history transmitted from the control node and a mobile station in a service control node.

After adding the mobile station transaction data associated with the service control node to the transaction history to get the transaction history of updates, the mobile station to the destination control node subsequent handover in association with the updated transaction history to the targeted control node .

For example, the method and apparatus of the invention disclosed herein may be applied wherein an evolved high speed packet access (HSPA) radio network controller (RNC) is integrated into the architecture of the Node B and the like which may be on the control node (e.g., the RNC Release99GERAN transmission history information described below and / or between the base station controller) / the UTRAN architecture.

As mentioned above, such a more timely information related to handover control functions allow access to radio resource conditions or ー e Node Bl 10 and served at a plurality of cells (e.g., signal condition, load condition).

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