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(It would have been in case of treason, which was the only remaining capital statute by then.) The prison itself, which dates to 1851, remains in operation to this day.

According to friend of the blog Another Nickel in the Machine, Wandsworth’s former condemned cell “is now used as a television room for prison officers.” Entry Filed under: 20th Century, Capital Punishment, Common Criminals, Crime, Death Penalty, England, Execution, Hanged, Milestones, Murder, Sex Tags: 1960s, 1961, adultery, henryk niemasz, love triangle, september 8, wandsworth, wandsworth prison On this date in 1961,* two 22-year-old Soviet men were — very much to their surprise — shot as black market currency speculators.

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Niemasz was also married himself, to a wife who surely deserved better given that Grypa Niemasz was willing to give her husband a fake alibi for the time he was off shotgunning his paramour.

” The minor matter of having no capital statute on the books for the occasion was resolved on July 1 by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, which introduced the death penalty for major economic crimes; the statute was then immediately deployed to retroactive effect in a new trial before the Russian Republic Supreme Court.Entry Filed under: 20th Century, Businessmen, Capital Punishment, Death Penalty, Execution, History, Pelf, Russia, Shot, USSR, Wrongful Executions Tags: 1960s, 1961, cold war, economics, july 26, moscow, nikita khrushchev On this date in 1961, two modern-day (but somewhat inept) pirates sailed into the history books by becoming the first U. The couple returned to San Antonio and linked up with Sees.(In a post-crime interview, Barbara described Sees as Alvin’s friend, but it’s unclear how the two ever met.When the captain, Angus Boatwright, grabbed a rifle to defend himself, Sees shot him.Alvin Table then joined Sees aboard the boat, and they let the four fishermen swim to shore, taking the captain’s body with them on a raft made of life jackets.

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