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Adult Stepchildren It is very important that you begin by acknowledging your own strong emotions about your parent’s remarriage.The feelings mentioned above are very common; if you don’t take ownership and responsibility of them, they may lead you into withdrawal, criticism, or hurtful behavior.New Beginnings I strongly encourage both adult stepchildren and the new couple to educate themselves about stepfamily living.There is a labyrinth of emotion and practical transitions to work through and it takes understanding and effort by both generations. That’s the beautiful thing about love—there’s always room for one more! Once you understand the circumstances and have met the kids a few times, you'll be able to decide whether you want this type of structure and commitment in your life right now.If you feel really left out of the group, you might not be ready for this kind of a relationship. As an older parent and stepparent you must realize that adult stepchildren—despite their age—frequently feel: As a new couple you must apply patience and understanding to these strong emotions. When confronted with difficult responses from adult children, assume a humble position and listen to their fears and concerns.Accept them where they are and try to be responsive to their needs for information (especially about financial matters), emotional contact, and time as they adjust to yet another family transition they didn’t seek out.

Some of the transitional issues are different, but many are the same.Lorain, a reader of my monthly E-Magazine for stepfamilies, wrote asking how she might strengthen her relationship with her 19, 24, and 26 year-old stepchildren.“I was 49 when I married for the first time; my husband was 55. My husband kept his children up to date about our relationship and things were pretty civil until we married.The circumstances may allow the two of you a lot of alone time to date and travel, or he may be constantly bogged down with parental duties and ex-wife encounters.If you want to date a man with grown children, you must accept the fact that his family likely comes first in his life.

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