Polish men dating black women

Of course, modern life and western civilization have brought some corrections and new waves to traditional Polish life.Polish family chooses to have not many children, as it is hard to rise them up and give proper education and so on, according to material factor.I would not say so, and if it was partially true in the past, it is different now.Polish women have all the features of successful woman in a developed society, so why they have to choose poor and “pale” men?Polish women have typical Slavic appearance as they belong to the group of Western Slavs.Those the most common features are natural beauty, including nice slim figure, pretty face and gorgeous look.

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Life in Poland forms the attitude of women and their character.As Poland has good working and living conditions, including high salaries and high rate of medicine, is country of European Union with high social standards, Polish women are demanding and picky.They know they are pretty and behave in a proper way.It is hard to describe, how exactly typical Polish girl looks like.The hair color is rather light, than dark and the eyes are rather grey, blue or green, than brown.

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