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In Thailand some Line users can scan around themselves too, but only certain phones seem to get that feature.For P4P, wechat can occasionally be useful in Thailand or Philippines for finding a bargirl to come over after work at a discount.And it’s cheap (~ range), and there’s less ladyboys and baklas to worry about.The disadvantage is the level of service can be rushed and mercenary.For more information please click on the following our cookie policy.By continuing to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies for the above purposes.

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And Thailand now has the Smooci app for escort girls which is getting bigger over time.

One of the worst hooker experiences I’ve ever had was off Saigon wechat, more on that below. Also in Vietnam hookers are sometimes escorted by some thug guy on meth who waits downstairs in the bushes in case anything goes wrong.

That’s almost unheard of in Thailand, it’s usually just a cute freelancer who needs money and doesn’t have a boss, pimp or chaperone.

Whereas in Thailand or the Philippines you are usually talking to the actual girl in the pics, in Vietnam there’s a lot of bait and switch.

It might be an old female pimp chatting to you, or a guy, or a working girl but not the one in the pics. On the plus side, the girl that turns up is usually still very bangable as Vietnamese girls are pretty hot.

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