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The group headed to India in 1968 to meet with a guru, which produced some prolific creativity heard on Photo date: June 20, 1967 We know bandmate John Lennon was a famous cat-lover, but Paul Mc Cartney was, too. His pet-friendly attitude predated his vegetarian diet, which he started in 1975. 1967 It’s safe to say there are thousands of Paul Mc Cartney photos in the world, if not more.That tends to happen when you play in one of the most influential bands ever and follow it up with a successful solo career.

He favors Everton, but he doesn’t mind Liverpool, either. 16, 1964 The Beatles played all over Europe during the peak Beatlemania days in the early- to mid-1960s, which included a stop in Paris in January 1964. It toured 23 cities in August and September of that year, including the group’s first and only performance in Las Vegas.Photo date: April 12, 1967 The Beatles stopped touring well before 1967, but Paul Mc Cartney was still jetting all around the world.He was back and forth between England and the United States visiting then-girlfriend Jane Asher in 1967.To seal the deal, Paul Mc Cartney filed a lawsuit to officially break up the band.It was an acrimonious split that required years of legal wrangling, but by 1975 it was official — The Beatles were no more. 1, 1972 A creative talent like Paul Mc Cartney can’t be stifled, so after The Beatles called it a day, it didn’t take long for him to get back to work.

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