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There is always potential for an out-of-the-park first date.

You aren’t relegated to the movie theater at the local mall, and if you are going to see a movie you can go to places like Nitehawk and eat artisanal cheese while watching it.

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And thanks to online services it’s never been easier to find them.

Tonight’s newest restaurant is tomorrow’s tired scene.

A good first date can last all day and maybe even into the next and can be something truly memorable, even if the other "stuff" doesn't end up that way. There’s always another bar, another meet-up group, another Tinder match.

You don’t want to blow it immediately after your first by seeming too eager.

Or because you really want that summer share in the Hamptons. Maybe you’re a traditionalist and you still believe you can meet someone in Central Park... This can be why most New Yorkers don’t want to commit, because they know that there will always be someone else, theoretically better, right around the corner.

If it goes well, have you packed your tiny overnight toothbrush in the event of a sleepover?

These are just a small fraction of the things that enter into your mind.

It’s fun to see all of our individual friendship moments. When you meet someone, you’re also weeding them out for your friends.

Then we wind up together for the ultimate in: speed dating. Nothing is worse than going on a date and realizing it isn’t a fit from the jump. I thought it was very endearing that he was so honest about coming there to see me.

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