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In the string family, there are sections of violins (I and II), violas, cellos (often eight), and basses (often from six to eight).

The standard woodwind section consists of flutes (one doubling piccolo), oboes (one doubling English horn), soprano clarinets (one doubling bass clarinet), and bassoons (one doubling contrabassoon).

Some music ensembles consist solely of instruments, such as the jazz quartet or the orchestra.Conductors are also used in jazz big bands and in some very large rock or pop ensembles (e.g., a rock concert that includes a string section, a horn section and a choir which are accompanying a rock band's performance).In Western classical music, smaller ensembles are called chamber music ensembles.Some music ensembles consist solely of singers, such as choirs and doo wop groups.In both popular music and classical music, there are ensembles in which both instrumentalists and singers perform, such as the rock band or the Baroque chamber group for basso continuo (harpsichord and cello) and one or more singers.

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