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The counter schema isn’t your usual muffin and croissant carb cabaret, but rather features a duet of parfaits and chia seed puddings twirling romantically and winking at the freshly exhausted crowd from the gym.

When it was my turn to order, I first got the “Marko Polo,” a blend of nitro cold press, cream, homemade caramel, vanilla and black salt.

I tried their soup of the day, a creamy chicken wild rice that served as a simple barge floating me off to a land of comfort away from winter winds.

Instead, the caramel was balanced within the ideal flavor trifecta of bitter, sweet and savory.

I walked in and was immediately struck by both how crowded the place was, as well as the range of people this coffee shop was serving.

From the hipsters in the booth having one of the most drawn out and painful “relationship talks” I have ever witnessed in a coffee shop to the freshly glistening work-out group chatting ecstatically about their ketones, this place clearly offers a lot to many.

This drink was absolutely a 10 from texture to flavor and left nothing to be desired. The “White Lighting” on the other hand, a simpler nitro cold press with cream and vanilla, lacked the balance of its brother Marko and unfortunately ventured into that dangerous syrupy-sweet terrain.

It is a shame that “White Lightning” couldn’t attain the balance of their older brother, but alas most families entertain sibling rivalry, and from where I stand “White Lighting” is going to have to work a little harder if they want to compete with flavor trifecta-winning champion “Marko Polo.” Finally, because Quixotic seemed to serve a health-conscious crowd, at least in part, my review would not be complete without surveying an item off the unique menu which drew so many people to the cafe.

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