Meta dll updating plugins

in such an environment, users cannot install plugins themselves but every plugin needed by a user needs to be pre-packaged with NPP itself and then distributed to all. i am one of the NPP users in this environment and also responsible for the instructions how to package it.

Some thoughts from a higher point of view: As far as I know all these discussions about where and how to store plugins derive from the idea to publish a Windows Store App variant of Notepad .

Thus they need the ability to test if this entry works correctly.

Since the npp Plugin file can not be changed we need another approach. If you look from an administrator’s perspective you might want the users to access specific set of plugins (including specific versions) that are known to be safe and the possibility for a user to overwrite your secure version with his custom one is a nightmare. But even this also can be handled using config or registry whether to allow user to load/install/update plugin.

even though a do Local has been created, notepad will not show any plugins, nor the plugins admin.This way we are just blocking normal user to use full-fledged plugin managers even administrator does not set any policy explicitly.However, this statement is not validated, but I feel it is true in most of the cases. Maybe this is the wrong topic to ask this question.Note that Notepad won’t load plugins from: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad \plugins\ anymore.This table should clarify the location of Notepad 's plugins.

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