Making eye contact dating

Eye contact is, as we all know, a very intimate thing, and it’s a big part of flirting.

If we want someone to know that we’re flirting with them, eye contact is very important.

But it’s important to remember that just because a guy flirts, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got any intentions to take things further. People sometimes flirt to get something they want, because they enjoy the thrill of it, or because that’s just their default way of interacting with the opposite sex.Although eye contact is normally a deliberate, conscious choice, sometimes we can make prolonged eye contact with someone by mistake. I sometimes suddenly snap back into the real world and realize that I’ve been looking directly at someone who’s curiously or nervously returning my gaze.So, there’s always the possibility that they’re not trying to make eye contact with you at all. Well, if they eventually look away and then don’t look back at you again, that may well be what happened. There are times when we misinterpret eye contact, normally because we believe what we’d really like to be true, rather than calmly and sensibly assessing the situation.Considering how much we humans communicate through our body language, many of us are pretty bad at reading it.We’re constantly giving each other non-verbal signals, but we often struggle to interpret them.

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