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I have every illness known to man, and I am pretty sure I have had the bird flu four of five times.

I know I drive people mad with my phobias." Star Crush alleges she's also afraid of chicken wings and freaks out if her teeth touch a bone.

Her pregnancy wasn't the issue (her character in the show was actually having a baby too.) It was how she wanted to incorporate it into the show that allegedly put her at odds with producers.We imagine her saying something like, "So if the ghost I'm whispering to drinks a Coke, the viewers will want a Coke? " No director wants to work with someone who can't handle criticism (constructive or otherwise), and this is another likely reason Hewitt isn't inundated with offers anymore.Case in point: she made a huge deal about quitting Twitter over the sheer "negativity" that users were sending her way, writing, "I'm sad to say Twitter is no longer for me.record highlights the lack of love she's received from the industry.Sixteen of her feature films have "Tomatometer" scores, and every single one has been deemed "Rotten." Her latest effort to swap the small screen for the big one came courtesy of 2013's , Hewitt marveled at the technology of social media in a way normally only grandparents do.

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