Is ann coulter dating a black man

She handled crime and immigration issues for Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan and helped craft legislation designed to expedite the deportation of aliens convicted of felonies.She also makes numerous public appearances, speaking on television and radio talk shows, as well as on college campuses, receiving both praise and protest.But Coulter saved most of her ire for the folks over at MSNBC.Besides claiming that MSNBC host Chris Matthews “doesn’t have any black friends” and didn’t invite any black people to his sons’ wedding, she said Rachel Maddow behaved as a sycophant to the black guests on her show but treated the white guests as if they were nothing special.She has spoken publicly on Fox News and other outlets. ”Lear also said “I’ve sat with [them] for an entire evening,” and that Walker and Coulter have been together “for some time.” […] “I am as serious as I can be, and I spent an evening at the same table with them, so I know.”, friend, Jimmie to get their statement straight…I’m joking…LOL. about everything, from why America should wake up and preserve the majority White population…“In 1960, whites were 90 percent of the country. Nah, but seriously, she probably did discuss this with Jimmie to pre-apologize for the blatant romantic detachment and diss she was about to dish out to the public…and here it is… Ann has officially denied romance with her ‘man-friend’ Jimmie, although I highly doubt he will take offense to it. Because throughout the years, he’s been kinda reminding me of one of the characters from that new movie, Jimmie Walker: Ann [Coulter] does what she does when she works for Fox, obviously.

The news surprised Barris, who then listened as Lear explained he and his wife had dinner with Coulter and Walker.

Her first book concerned the Bill Clinton impeachment, and sprang from her experience writing legal briefs for Paula Jones's attorneys, as well as columns she wrote about the cases.

Coulter's syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate appears in newspapers, and is featured on conservative websites.

“But I’ll tell you something about him that’ll astound you… “You couldn’t write that.” This is not the first we’ve heard of this coupling, as Coulter previously discussed the rumor on Huff Post Live back in 2013.

He dates Ann Coulter.” Barris immediately shook his head, looking absolutely bewildered by this revelation: “No…. ” As Lear continued to describe a dinner he’d had with the couple, Barris remained stunned. I definitely don’t think she’s dating Jimmie Walker.” “For some time,” Lear confirmed. While she confirmed the pair was close friends, she said they were nothing more.

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