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Due to UK VAT regulations, Instant Chess is obliged to register its customers under their current country of residence.The country of the user is determined automatically by their IP address.With that in mind, we aim to attract competitive players at all levels of chess Regularly reviewing your chess skills, style and preferences we prepare a ranked list of the the best matched opponents for you from all the Instant Chess players and consider these ranks when matching you with an available opponent at the moment you click “Start Game”You can add your own preferences into the matching process by adjusting opponent seeking settings on the Setup page.Alternatively, you can approach opponents directly or invite a friend for a game of chess Timestamp Eliminates the effect that network lags have on the chess clock so only real thinking time is counted Clock synchronisation Syncs game clocks on each side (you, your opponent and the server) at game end – so no decisive moves are missed Disconnects The disconnects processing system employs a Crafty chess engine for weighing up a game position when a connection breaks.Prevent mistakes Intelligent premove features protect from accidental loss of highly-valuable pieces like Queen and Rooks while fast premoving (you can opt out of this feature in Program Settings if you don't like it)Instant Chess Ltd is a privately owned software company based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The feed keeps every game you commented on in the last 365 days Games Archive Save any game from your games or commentaries feeds or export from PGN for further analysis using position evaluation, play to checkmate and other features of Instant Chess game app You can send a message to any Instant Chess player from their profile and at the same time offer them to play a turn-based game of Classic Chess, Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) or Draughts.

This helps you understand your opponent even better Leaderboards Compete for the top position in 13 level leaderboard (we call each level a class) plus we have an additional leaderboard for your tournament victories Medals8 different types of medals are awarded for special achievements (e.g.

total number of played games, top rankings etc)VSEnter the name of any Instant Chess player and get a detailed individual comparison of ratings and achievements (e.g.

We do this with great care in order to deliver to you an exceptional playing experience.

We provide a full description for each set and allow a closer look at each piece on each side so you are able to learn their story and feel the character of the pieces To complement the chessmen we also offer chess boards in wood, leather, stone and cardboard Additionally, we provide chessmen for children with the aim of supporting their imagination and so enhancing their playing experience Push notifications Your own collection of the best matching opponents for you is available within the app so you can send them game invitations or receive their offers by push notifications even when your i Pad / i Phone is on standby – you will never miss a good game of chess!

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