How to handle the dating game

I wrote,”I’m getting the hint, and I won’t be bothering you anymore.” ◊♦◊ Dear Betsy, This guy liked you when he was with you, but when you were out of sight, you were not on his mind.He was casual about dating, and he was casual about your feelings.This will help you and your Gamer’s relationship grow.Note: After this step your Gamer may want to resume Game Time.Materials Needed for This Step: • Good Sense of Humor • All materials listed in Steps One and Two • Time (As much time as you need) Using the above materials, repeats Steps 1&2 until you feel you have learned the game and how to properly execute what you have learned.It is crucial that you know the basic knowledge of the games your Gamer plays because in the next steps you will be implementing this knowledge.

This step needs to be executed on a day where your Gamer is not that heavily invested in the game.

I received this email from a woman who wanted to know, how do you deal with mind games in dating?

While the advice is for a woman, it applies to anyone who’s ever felt like the person they were dating was making them lose their mind.

In person, he’d say things like, “I really like you a lot”, “I enjoy your company, we have fun together”, and “You’re really easy to talk to”.

I got tired of the hot and cold behavior, and I texted him (as he never seemed to want to call me or really spend any time with me).

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