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To find that out we played along and the following conversation ensued: At first sight it appears to be someone looking for companion.

But the dialogue is suspiciously general, questions are never really answered and the responses don’t allow for a meaningful discussion of any kind.

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To view your DVR, simply visit website from any computer or mobile device, and use our online DVR viewer by clicking on My DVR.We are asked to sign up to what appears to be an X-rated video chat site: It looks like our Eva is in fact Nancy, but who cares about such minor details when it appears we have a free date?Lets move on to the registration: This looks like a standard registration form, so lets complete it and click Continue: Now wait a second, our credit card information is required and that’s not what we had agreed to.There is no need to configure firewall or router for remote viewing.Have you ever received a contact request on Skype from someone you don’t know?

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