Facilities accomadating sucided in 1945

Abyssinia quickly fell to the much more powerful Italian army.

The world was outraged by all these aggressors, but did nothing.

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The British defend their Empire in Asia from the Japanese and simultaneously defend England, Europe, Egypt and the Middle East against Hitler's Germany who was determined to conquer the whole of Continental Europe from the Atlantic to Moscow.

That is: Germany Japan Italy Vs England British Empire USA Russia China The worst loss of life in any war before and after with 50 million deaths, some 30 in Europe and 20 in the Far East.

Indeed a debate at Oxford University had come down on the side of those who if asked, would not take up arms for “King and Country”.

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The observation by the Japanese that they were the only country of significance without an Empire and as opposed to the British who had the largest world empire, had no cheap and secure source of oil, rubber (for car tyres), and food.Whether you are a corporate operator that is in need of a suite of offices and shop space or a single private operator that needs no office at all, we can accommodate you.Energy is what fuels aviation, and at Aero Colorado we also realize that energy efficiency can help fuel lower cost.The technique they developed was called Blitzkrieg or lightning strikes.The French who with the English were on the winning side in the 1914-18 war had a larger army than the Germans, supported by tanks and planes but poor radio.

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