Ez antivrus not updating today

I will never use your horrible and irritating programs.

The full downloads/off-line installation files such as: avg_free_x86_all_2014_4142a6696avg_free_x64_all_2014_4116a6613avg_free_x86_all_2013_3349a6461simply WILL NOT install on my Win 7 64-bit, machines.

Although it is just a few days old, I faced no such issues.I change my Tabs options to open in my home page, but your lousy and irritating Toolbar keeps reverting new Tabs to open a blank page. 2: Why you stupid sadists not allow your users to customize our Toolbar.I do not want the ugly Facebook icon to appear, and you stupidly do not give me any options to remove this ugly icon.I have used AVG for nearly a decade now and always been very pleased.I recently upgraded to a new PC and, naturally installed AVG Antivirus Free as I always have; yet was very disappointed to find that they are now bundling their safesearch toolbar into their other programming...without notifying you.

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