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Sex, Lies and Teenagers 04 Feb Nick is disturbed by Blossom's increasing interest in sex, while after sneaking off to a make-out party with Six and two boys, guilty Blossom dreams discussion-show host Phil Donahue has her in a segment on "Women Who Lie to Their Parents.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night's top prize, relive the best moments from this year's Oscars.

She had success as a photo-model and being tallest woman in Russia made this job even easier.

But she has a rival which also comes from Russia and the other lady’s legs are just 1 cm shorter.

72) You WILL stick to the status quo or everyone will sing to you until everyone else confesses73) Gabriella loves pi.74) Troy's watch is imaginary, but he looks at it anyways and always knows what the time is.75) Cheerleaders speak a different language than other human beings.76) Students in high school don't need backpacks...

or books for that matter77) No one finds it weird that you're singing a sexual song to your brother/sister78) It takes Gabriella's mom and Troy's dad forever to walk to an auditorium.79) Throwing basketballs at trees is apparently great for stress relief80) If you climb up to a chicks balcony that hates you and start singing to her, she will fall back in love with you.81) People keep outfits in their lockers just in case someone spills nachos on them82) The pregnant teacher stands corrected.83) If you wear pink and have blonde hair, you are automatically a malevolent popular girl.84) All fathers with sons in sports are oblivious to their sons's other needs and desires.85) Teachers from different departments always hate each other.86) Chad has some pretty awesome shirts.87) Troy is very slow (Come on! )88) If you make good cookies, people fall in love with you.89) A high school can produce 17 musicals in a span of two years90) It is possible for the random girl you met at a ski lodge at New Year's to coincidentally move to your school and become your girlfriend91) Singing absolves a person of any bad thing they've done.92) An entire school's network can be crippled by the push of a bottom (Taylor must be a really good hacker.)93) Chili cheese fries and milk are a substantial meal.94) Interperative dancing is a sign that there is something mentally wrong with you and must see a counselor95) All practical rules of time and space are lost when Troy and Gabriella hide.96) The very best way to condemn your friend for singing is to break out into a song yourself97) If you take your hat off and reveal luscious locks of brown hair you're instantly beautiful.98) Gabriella always plans ahead thats how she's able instantneously change into a semi formal dress and heels for a basketball game.99) You dont mind linking arms with the school bitch that you hate as long as its the final dance number of the movie.100) When the entire East High School student body is decked out in red and white, Troy and Gabriella always seem to be in blue.

Learn about scam tactics and look for their modus operandi instead, and you will be much better off.

EVERYONE loves a jazz square.41) Even though you've only sung to your showerhead you will know how to sing harmony in karaoke.42) Mountain lions are cute, but you don't pet them.43) Some high schools only have 5 adults on campus.But if you want a relationship and he only wants sex, casual sex might ruin For women, sex is both an emotional and a physical experience.A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the Women want sex Blossom.After all, this was the ninth edition of the Osian's-Cinefan film festival in New Delhi and its biggest yet. Abel's 'The Magic of Freedom' even had a blues band playing in the background. Just when half the audience had been lulled into a sleep-induced torpor, emcee Rajit Kapoor stepped in to announce that the opening film would be screened shortly. After a round of lengthy speeches, during which several jury members were paraded on stage, the lights dimmed and the global premiere of the Iran-Azerbaijan feature got underway. The number of people seated in my row disappeared faster than you could say "Roysten Abel's magic".But barring the female vocalist, the show had little to offer by way of entertainment. Unfortunately, Babak Shirinsefat's film failed to live up to expectations. What Abel could not achieve, did - people fled the auditorium at regular intervals.

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