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"And for heaven's sake, keep the bathroom door closed! How to break it: Attempt something new, such as ice skating or French language lessons. Even trying a new restaurant or recipe—if you do it together—can help. Allow them to do this and "you undermine your spouse's authority with the children, which is not respectful to him or good for your kids," says Amatenstein.

"Spend five minutes a day just kissing," suggests Amatenstein. But couples "need something outside themselves that they share" to keep their bond strong, says Amatenstein. Kids eventually figure out how to play parents off each other, and it's easy for them if you're not on the same page. And show affection for each other in front of the kids, which cements your bond in their eyes. And try to remember that men and women use conversation differently, says Dr. "Women talk to connect; men talk to share information." Keeping that in mind will help you be kinder to each other.

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Are you guilty of any of these nine negative habits—and wondering how to break them? "We tend to try to push our partner down like a jack-in-the-box," she says, which doesn't give him the credit he deserves for evolving and changing. You may find yourself surprised, and intrigued all over again, by your partner. "Problem is, when it comes to sex, many couples wait for the other to come up with some great, exciting plan, and when the other doesn't, they become resentful," says Amatenstein. Amatenstein recommends getting away for regular couple weekends if you can afford it. The aim is to feel so much a part of a team that you don't want to conceal anything. Or, are you feeling as though he hasn't been all that supportive of your career goals? How to break it: Tell your partner what's really bothering you. "But if you do it too much, or share too much deeply personal information, it's disrespectful," says Dr. How to break it: Decide between the two of you what's in and out of bounds in terms of sharing with friends, says Dr.

Remember that the key is communication, says Karen Gail Lewis, Ed D, marriage therapist and author of Why Don't You Understand? Not, "I hate your job," but, "I wish we spent more time together," recommends Dr.

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