Diabetes dating site uk

Diabetes is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week commitment that never gives you a break.My wife has been more than supportive of my diabetes from day one and whether she likes it or not, diabetes plays a role in everything that we do as a family.” – “It inevitably comes up in the first hour when I test my blood sugar, pull out my pump, or tell them what I do since I work for a diabetes company.There are also many misconceptions that circle around diabetes these days and I always want to make sure that I address them early so that people understand I am a strong, healthy, normal individual who can lead a completely normal life!I shared my diabetes very soon after dating my husband.It’s an important aspect of my life and at the time I knew that if I was going to be looking for someone to share my life with they would need to be on board with diabetes as well.It so happened that at the time my husband and I started dating I was just beginning to look at an insulin pump.This would be no different than telling them about your family, or perhaps how your siblings or your parents may be a bit the jealous kind… 2003), so she has been there from the day I heard the dreaded “you have diabetes” words.I mean, it comes “with the package.” If the person freaks out, it sure would hurt. I can’t imagine my life without her: she has never blamed me, judged me, or treated me any different for my diabetes.

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In honor of Valentine’s Day we reached out to a few friends to hear what they had to say.

If it defined me then there would be a specific time to tell someone, but since this is my life and I define how my diabetes impacts my life, then I get to decide when I share my diabetes story.

My wife actually knew that I had diabetes before she knew anything about me.

I finally did tell him on a weekend get-away we took after dating three months.

He was surprised, but so supportive and from that time on he’s made an effort to know all he can about diabetes and to give me all of the support and help I need.” – “I am in favor of being open about your diabetes, perhaps not the first time you are seeing someone, but definitely soon thereafter.

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