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^_^ SURE Im a funny girl, I love to laugh, spend my spare time with my family.

_ I do wish to have a Caucasian soul mate and that is the main reason for me to join Sweet Singles.

Most films and TV shows have very long hours, and no one I know pulls pranks on set – except maybe George Clooney.’…” “All these years go by and I send her a birthday email – ‘Happy birthday.

Hi, I drove my car to join SS in Bangkok in person.

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If you are looking for a sincere faithful relationship, could go further for the marriage please feel free to talk to me.

She is a very bright woman, and I always thought the guys she was going out with weren’t smart enough for her…After that ended, I contracted a case of man-repellentitis so severe that it is still being studied.

For a very long time I worked and worked, and then I looked up one day and all my friends were married with children.

They were still my friends, but they had become part of a community I wasn’t in, a club I didn’t belong to.“’I hope mom and dad don’t come in,’” he said mockingly, joking about how he tries "to keep things spicy at home." “'Make sure the door is locked, sis,’” he continued, before shaking his head at the ladies, who couldn’t stop laughing at the scenario he implanted in their minds.“I feel like I’ve fallen into an endless pit,” Krause said.

Finally, you’ll be asked about all the pranks everyone supposedly pulls on set all the time.

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