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The AHC and the ROI are English-speaking organizations, and Miriam Bat Tzion is a French-speaking one.There is also a group of Spanish-speaking Hebrew Catholics in Maracay. The diocesan priest Aharon Cohen Tapiero, the founder and Chief President of "Mashiaj" (1997), who emerged from the apostolate of rabbis Paul Drach and Israel Zolli, is an influential spiritual leader among Catholics of both Jewish and Gentile origin, and he works for the restoration and salvation of the Jewish People within the Catholic Church.The number of Israeli Catholics of non-Arab origin increased during the 1990s, due primarily to immigration from the former Soviet Union.As a result, the Vatican changed its policies in 2003, for the first time ordaining Jean-Baptiste Gourion as Auxiliary Bishop to overlook the Hebrew Catholic community in Israel.The gothic-style Trivulzio chandler, an early 13th century work of art by an anonymous anglo-norman master.It is shaped as a menorah, as a symbol of the passage from the Old Covenant (with the Jews) to the New Covenant (with the Christian Church).- Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 3-Mar-2007 Ivrím Katolím) are a movement of Jews converted to the faith of the Catholic Church and Catholics of non-Jewish origin who choose to keep Mosaic traditions in light of Catholic doctrine.The countries with the largest membership are the USA and Israel, but members are also found in Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, England, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Germany.Hebrew Catholics should not be confused with Messianic Jews, who are members of independent Jewish Christian denominations, many of which are Sabbatarian Protestant, and like some Hebrew Catholics, some of their members also celebrate Jewish holy days and emphasize Jewish elements within Christianity.

Hebrew Catholics are constituted of people with both Jewish and non-Jewish origins.Their point of differentiation lies not in dogmatic beliefs but in liturgical practices.For example, their liturgical calendar might differ from the liturgical calendar used by Latin Catholics in their retention of certain Jewish holidays.Israeli Arabs who belong to the Christian religion are recognized as such under Israeli law, but Jews who have converted are in most cases still registered as Jewish, because the State is very reluctant to recognize such conversions, even though there is no law against them.Some changes in attitude have taken place, as Israeli society is becoming more accustomed to the presence of a variety of religious denominations.

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