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This far-reaching advance h one of hundreds which have grown from RCA research. ~7efe-wstort 4 POPULAR MECHANICS Price slightly higher west of Rockies aid io Canada 12 blades, far 25d Sing I* * t Double Edge Gvfl Fan M by Marlin — Fine Gum Since TS70 IN PERFORMANCE Marlin's 88C sets new standards of rapid-fire reliability in tbe .22 semi-auto luatic field! Positive sear-locking Safety prevents accidental firing. Breech bolt specially designed to reduce smoke escape and blast to minimum. That’s the training you follow in principle under the La Salle Problem Method. Write for our free 48-page book, "Accoun- tancy, The Profession That Pays/' It'll prove that accountancy offers brilliant futures to those w ho aren't afraid of serious home study. also include ''Ten Years' Promotion in One’' — a book which has helped many men. Gonr Mcim llofikkrrpinj; _ lnw : 1-1 ,11, Oisrcr ■ llii,inc*F Miinj L'riii E'hl / Su Ee Kinanililjl ~ Traffic 1 Lin, uitmcn l □ Forrm unship lndunfr'1 Min^p'iiirnl /] Slftltutipjr (Machine Sharlhsrccl) LASALLE EXTENSION UNIVERSITY A CORRESPONDENCE INSTITUTION 417 S. With all its versatility, however, the Sabot is really best suited for one special- ized job — the job of introducing beginners, at low cost, to the joys of sailing.

Not only records are free of sur- face noise and distortion — the rec- ord player eliminates faulty opera- tion, noise, and cumbersome size, common to many. RCA Victor will continue to supply 78 rpiti instruments and records. Take-down is simple and fast* Action cannot be disassembled if rifle is cocked. An accountant's duties are interesting, varied and of real worth to his employers. If you could do this — and could turn to him for advice as the problems became complex — soon you'd master them all. Write For This Free Book For your own good, don’t put off investigation of all the facts. Roughly, the Sabot is 8 feet long, 46 inches wide, weighs 65 pounds, has a 13- foot mast and a 7-foot boom. The oars are 66 inches long and stow easily - Besides being a sailboat and a rowboat, the Sabot takes an outboard motor nicely and its shallow draft makes it ideal for hunting and Ashing.

.133 BOATING ANP CAMPING Stovepipe over camp-tnble lees protects duffel from rodents. iso Start the flooded outboard motor tan E merge tuey camp cons r rutted entirely with a*.. 197 Hose bumper fastened to handle improves posthole digger.. .199 Tar paper wrapped around graft prevents rerootlng Of £re#.,t98 Weighted tin cans support line when marking garden rows. .229 Flank in stock tank prevents ch Lctens from drowning 237 FISHING - Suction cups hold fishisne drier on rear window of COT, „ . You just drag it along the beach and launch it* just as you would a canoe or rowboat. With the mast, rudder and leeboard removed* it will ride on the roof of your 94 POPULAR MECHANICS car safely.

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In the test pictured above, the young lady sits before loudspeakers in a soundproofed room with a small hollow tube, reaching just inside the ear canal. Single ropy Ip Ihe I’nll Ml Hlfl U-F iiml Cana- "l»i win*: i-ii Ti*i rl|il i.i Li i-iiuu L„ I ii NK- i SUiti'fl :mfb Ciinjul F. Pedal Violinist Even though he has only one arm, Luther Caldwell, a farmer of Columbia* Mo,, still plays his violin, Caldwell uses a pedal- operated rig -of tubular steel that rests on the floor in front of his chair. The research began 11 years ago at KCA Laboratories. 34 3 Le Jting* | j edge btads-t— yours for 1 0£ Ndm# .. Not a magic formula — not 3 get-rich -quick scheme— but something more substantial, more practical. She was constructed and ran her trials in Bombay." 8 POPULAR MECHANICS BETTERI had three choices back in 1946: » the VETERAN —a story about He picked No* 2; came up with a brand-new job. He reached a point where he could go no further „ , , WITHOUT ADDITIONAL TRAINING. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS He learned he had some *? Each course sound, authorita- tive* easy to follow. jj Commtrdil Art □ Cmt Accoiinting □ fedaril Til O First Tear College □ Fortmanihip O Franc li G Cond Enilnh □ Hi Eti Sc Ndq I G High* Malh*malift P Mater Tra Hic p p»iil Civil S«Vka □ Halting □ Relasl SEQfa Mmit Hninl D Sil Mmim Ulp □ Setre Urlel P 3i(n Lett Vinl P Spanish □ SEffl Opap Il f P Tri Plic Mamgemin F Hinw. It is easy to right because there are no stays to unbuckle before re- moving the mast. ■Jrn-i-n *mnrolsi^ mill'.- J I jlrrk, p Mlitg '***, ttti uuhhij cuihi. From this quest emerges a com- pletely integrated record-playing system — records and automatic player — the first system to be en- tirely free of distortion. The river and air are the only transportation to people living in the wilds of north central Idaho (Continued to pogc 8) 6 POPULAR MECHANICS you're that man* here’s something that wilt in- terest you. He was first to go out on a search for missing flyers, hunters or people in. Bert Zimmerly had been giving free service to snow-isolated people on the open prairie and up the river valleys this past winter, when they needed medical or hospital attention . # * *■ f )UR JULY 1948 “cover girl,” the Ha- ^ waiian catamaran, now has a minia- ture sister in Egypt. Pat- terson of TWA at Farouk Field, Cairo, built this one -inch to one -foot model from the article describing the Hawaiian Sea- bird, and writes: “You did not exagger- ate the phenomenal performance of the Seabird, as in a light breeze I had to run to catch Marie. BILL But he couldn't afford to quit work to go to school. SO HERE’S WHAT HE DID: mailed a coupon* It put him in touch with the largest school in the world. Tii Hlt Count* DCptinn Man Ul.i □ Loom Fiantg G Hjwi Wtavlnj P Ttftlil A Or Vi Rring P Woolen Mami'actming Sutlntcl and Acidsmlc Cq u rat* Q Agcuu HIj rig □ | □ Hon k keenri TB □ BUimati Admtniilritivn G tiustni Mi Cw'rwpor Hiafice p Cirli Fipd fubho Acom n ling; p Command!! Nor does the boat have to be towed ashore if it does capsize. SUKGLA5SE4 ■ hif* jw-llihpj ml iiw¥«4i 5 - Pima Vfe*M hr I'm fl Ji I! teflglh of Service in World Wat II Splclll b HUpp raft? Anyone within driving distance of lake, sea or large river can thus enjoy sailing. When you are ready for a day’s sailing, you merely haul the Sabot out of the basement or garage, tie it on your car and drive to the nearest water. No rental fees for moorings or dock space are necessary.

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