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Taking a look at how the international dating site presents itself – the first thing that pops up (that Amo Latina clearly wants to emphasize) is their take on member safety.

The words ’protection’, ’verification’ and ’secure’ stand out on the front page.

Another thing that caught my eye was people saying Amo Latina is a scam because their services are too expensive. Anyone getting into online dating wanting to date single women and men from Latin America will typically first look for communication services.

It is easy to access and easy to use, plus it targets all areas relevant to internet dating: It lets single men and women chat with their potential matches through Live Chat, communicate via video calls, and it even allows the sending of gifts to their romantic partners.

The fact that communication options are also available on the dating app makes talking to potential soul mates very convenient.

It also lays out some of the site’s Anti-Scam Policy and provides information about how to report suspicious activity on the platform to get potential scammers banned from the site.

Every single complaint is taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly.

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