Dating culture differences

It is important to make sure you really want to be with the Moroccan you are spending time with, because if you aren’t serious, they most likely are, and you will end up hurting them in the end if you are just looking for something casual.” 2.

Faiza Rammuny, an Arab-American Muslim: “The word ‘dating’ doesn’t exist for Muslims in the conventional one-on-one way it does for many others.

Instead, my Swedish companion “allowed” me to pay for half the meal.

When the bill came, I offered to help pay as I always do; a well-rehearsed token gesture of kindness, which I expected to be duly rebuffed.

In Australia, men do not reward beauty with material gain. We neither pamper our women, nor give them little gifts. We are both adults, and that is how we treat each other. In Western male minds, we think, “We are on the second date. We need to build up to the kiss.” An Australian woman too would move quickly in the dating process. I will have a second date with him.” Then, on the second date, an Australian woman thinks, “He has taken me to the movies. I have asked him questions about his family and friends. Now I am starting to develop some feelings for him. I will let you kiss me.” Then the Australian male kisses the Australian woman. That is the common way in which relationships in Australia begin.

In Australia, when a man asks a woman, “Would you like to have drinks? In Western culture, the “drinks” line means, “I am going to pay for the drinks, and assess you to see whether you are a suitable candidate to kiss on the second date.” An Australian man is sizing a woman up to see whether she can talk, can hold a conversation, and assesses whether she has any red flags in her behavior. If the first date goes well, an Australian man will take you on a second date. An Australian woman will not think, “I need to get some material gain out of this guy from every date.” An Australian woman thinks just like an Australian man, “I am going to assess this man. Maybe I will let him hold my hand.” Flirtation is very common in Western society. In China, all women practice modesty and conservatism (保守).

This Chinese woman in Australia knows that if boys in China like her beauty, she can have 20-40 suitors online on We Chat all giving her red envelope money (红包) to sustain her lifestyle, and she will never have to say yes to one boy.

In Australia, such a materialistic dating culture does not exist. Australian men would not treat a woman like Chinese men would.

In Chinese dating culture, women need lots of time. It is just that in Chinese culture, women traditionally need to allocate a certain amount of weeks to months to become familiar with you before they say yes. If a woman is too quick, she is judged to be loose (色女). She would act frigid, but really women are not frigid in China.She wanted to know whether this man’s behavior was typical for the Swedish culture. Frustrated, I decided to call an expert: Swedish author and dating guru Marie Hagberg…I was fascinated by her account of how Swedish men behave on dates. “You expect a guy to make the first move, but in Sweden he won’t unless he’s really drunk,” Hagberg said. “Men think women earn almost as much as they do, so why should they pay? I slowly start to realize that a Swedish man on a first date is like a lost puppy trying to find his way. And I couldn’t help but wonder what could be responsible for stunting the dating intelligence of Swedish men so severely. “It has to do with our social welfare system,” she exclaims.They are just protecting themselves, until they are satisfied they have satisfied the requirements of tradition. A Chinese woman could like a handsome Chinese hunk, like a popstar for example, but would not act on impulse. However, the dating process takes weeks to months before a kiss occurs.She would allow him to see her and date her for weeks, because that is culturally how you do it in China. Chinese men have become accustomed to Eastern dating practices.

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