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“These drivers get harassed all day,” said Gary’s owner Eric Haney, whose family has been in the trucking business since the 1960s.

If a driver’s profile in the Gary’s Job Board database matches the qualifications a company is looking for, the carrier can send him or her a request to apply.

Not unlike some dating websites, Gary’s only shares a driver’s name and contact information after they give permission.

Industry expert Jeff Dickey-Chasins estimates as many as 50 job boards serve the trucking business.

Listings include about 650 local, non-over-the-road, or OTR jobs, of which 150 are entry-level paying .50 to an hour with no experience required.One way to decide if a job site is worth paying for is looking to see if any competitors use it, said Dickey-Chasins, who consults with job boards and blogs at The Job Board Doctor.“If all your competitors are on it and you’re not, you’d be damned sure to sign up,” he said.Local job sites such as Gary’s continue to compete for local job postings with Craigslist.The following are a handful of trucking industry job sites whose characteristics separate them from the pack in some way.

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