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The Russians used the traditional double-headed eagle.

German military Pickelhauben also mounted two round, colored cockades behind the chinstraps attached to the sides of the helmet.

The right cockade, the national cockade, was red, black and white.

The left cockade was used to denote the province of the soldier (Prussia-black and white; Bavaria-white and blue; etc).

These helmets were sometimes referred to as lobster-tail helmets by allied forces due to their distinctive curved neck guard.The design of these is based on the cavalry helmets in common use since the 16th century, but with some features taken from the leather helmets.The version worn by the Prussian Gardes du Corps was of tombac (copper and zinc alloy) with silver mountings.While you're here why not have a go at our museum quiz, or give the bugle a go!ENTRANCE RATES 2018 All paid entry includes an annual pass, including adults, children, family passes and railway discounts.

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