Dating a fender bassman head Sex fre 100

Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stamped with a date code, which indicates the manufacturer and the manufacturing date.

The code follows the format: = a number from 1 - 52 indicating the week of manufacture.

Starting in 1970 they began using TWO digits for the year so it is way easy. However Fender models and cosmetics changed significantly between the 50's and 60's so sorting that out is fairly easy.

Here is a good site with speaker wiring diagrams: cab is heavy all by itself.

If using it with a moderate power amp up to about 300 watts you could look at the Eminence BASSLIGHTS.

Before going there know that advances have been made in cab tuning and porting since these cabs were designed. So while you can load modern speakers it will still have a different tone from modern cabs with a horn.

The first thing to do before buying new speakers is decide what amp is going to be pushing them.

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