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I stand up and get the rubbers out of my pocket and hand one to you. Wow, rationalization works quickly and well in a pinch, I realize. I hand you a packet and I slip mine over my hard tool.You unroll the latex which barely covers your long dick.Every time I see a room laid out like this I'll remember being here, right here, and remember what I'm thinking: get out now. I put the security key on the desk and walk into the bathroom. I'll have to clean myself up in here." I arrange a few washcloths and open up a fresh bar of soap to prepare for...whatever it is I am preparing for. As I open the door I don't even look at you and I'm pretty sure you don't look at me, but enter in silence.I am again amazed at my actions, and as I look in the mirror I see someone I don't know. After a few seconds, I blurt out, "Let's get naked before I decide not to do this".You make the first real move of the night slipping out of your boxers and I turn and do the same. I sit down on the edge of the sofa and you sit on the edge of the bed, facing me.Neither of us is paying particular attention to the other until the underwear meet up with their friends on the console and desk. As I look at your naked body I consider this a milestone and simultaneously consider leaving at this moment. " We both glance down and stare at the reason we are here. My balls are swinging over the edge of the bed as I continue to get harder and harder.As we talk, both of us clearly are deciding, moment by moment, if this is worth doing, if the risks outweigh the benefits.Ironically, the candor in our online messages comes flashing before my eyes as we quietly and discreetly discuss meeting at the room.

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I want to feel it and I want to run my fingers over your balls while I suck your long cock. Plus, in a Bill Clinton-esque sort of way, it would not exactly be cocksucking: the only thing that would go into our mouths is a condom, not a penis.Our conversations are filled with your desires also, that a 69 with another man is a long time fantasy of yours and that after your divorce a few years ago this desire has only become more and more intense.I understand completely and although I have a strong desire to try it, I've never done it. Once they got going there was no stopping them and the cameras don't lie.Are you looking for a hot local chick for a discreet sex date or are you more looking for a long term relationship?Or perhaps you just want a fling or flirt with a hot girl? From Fling to Adult Friend Finder we sorted out the best online dating sites.

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