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You will not be giving anything up by living in Stamford, and there's NO reason to endure the commute from White Plains.

In fact, I think I prefer Stamford in a lot of ways.

You can live in a perfectly nice 1BR apartment for 00 a month in downtown Stamford. I think you're right about being more conservative with my rent.

Do you have any recommendations about good, less expensive (high rise) buildings to live in, in Stamford? Population White Plains 57,000 /- Population Stamford 124,000 /- You'll like Stamford.- Yes, lots of young professionals, lots to do .

All fireworks displays are weather permitted, please check ahead.

I have friends, but they're mostly in NYC and the surrounding NYC borroughs.Attending classes is a terrific way to expand ones knowledge while meeting people with similar interests and networking. STAMFORD ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY Our newest offering under our Continuing Education program is the Stamford English Language Academy (SELA).Please don't forget to look for our We also have over 250 six-week online courses to choose from covering a variety of subjects; e.g., accounting, computer programs, languages, arts, writing, business, finance, health and personal development. This is an academically oriented program which offers courses from beginner to advanced levels of English language skills for those for whom English proficiency is a professional necessity, an improvement for job advancement, or necessary for the pursuit of higher education.You can live in a perfectly nice 1BR apartment for 00 a month in downtown Stamford.Stamford is very similar to White Plains in a lot of ways.

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