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She did however near the end of my hair cut stop and go outside to her car.

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"That sounds hard, I was hoping for something easier and I hate watching other kids especially since we don't have any." Just then I heard the phone hang up and foot steps and a voice in the back ground., I have new girl to cut your hair." I said, "how long?" She said "about 5 minutes, she almost here and she need new clients, you come inside." I went in and sat down on a black leather chair and was just about to read a magazine when the front door opened.I checked the caller id and could not make out the number but decide to answer just in case it was important.It was Mica sweet voice and she said "thanks for the business card and the tip, my husband thought the money was a little bit excessive for a haircut." I bit my lower lip and thought what should I do next. " I said "at the moment I sold my small company to a big investor and then bought stock in a small computer company and my wealth has quadrupled since last month.

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